Too broke to intern?

It’s a reasonable question. In this article, the Daily Bruin examines how taking an unpaid internship may actually be a cost too high for struggling college students.

I understand the article’s a little old, but then again, this blog is a little new…so…anyway…

In the piece, a few nice little gems are unearthed, including:

*The LA Times pays their interns $600 a week for the paper’s 10 week program.
*In the last 3 and a half years, CBS has hired 59 of the 160 interns it took on.
*For those with a lot of money, but no opportunities, the University of Dreams internship program place you in an unpaid program with major companies like MTV, Sony Music, etc. for a low price of $6,500 to $9,000.

You know the funny thing is, even if you landed an internship with the LA Times, you still wouldn’t have made enough money after the 10 weeks to pay for the University of Dreams program.


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