Right out of college and into retirement…

Bernard Krishner

Here’s a VERY old article on what newbies in the field should be expecting in terms of salaries and benefits coming out of college. Yes, I know that it was last updated in 2000, but still…you know, it has some relevant points. It’s from the New Jersey Collegiate Press Association.

My favorite is the tip on really evaluating the publication or company’s retirement plan for employees:

A TIP: Be sure to ask about a company’s retirement plan or pension fund during your job interview and when you talk with your future co-workers. What you will be trying to determine isn’t about your own pension plan, but to find out just how much the company cares about the future of its employees. Retirement may seem like a long way away, but a good pension plan will signal that the company is a good place to start a career, too.

Right? RIGHT?! See, some advice still holds up to the test of time. I’d recommend using an inflation calculator when reading this article to see how your starting compensation stacks up. Then again, it may not be the best idea to read this article purely for salary speculation since I’m sure the journalism landscape has evolved in the last 7 years or so. Maybe.

*Note: The random old retired journalist pictured above is named Bernard Krishner… Thanks B.


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