Freelance, shmeelance… Just blog, baby!

Will you fight the good fight?

After briefly surfing around the net today, I came across this nice little find: Paula Neal Mooney compiled a pretty comprehensive list of bloggers and what they earn through the Internet.

The list contains some domainers, web masters, and other people making their bones on the Internet, but is mostly a list of bloggers. I’m not sure too sure about the methodology, but to her credit, Mooney does seem to have done her best to report the most accurate data as possible. The reason I say this is because there seems to be some fill-in-the-blank math used, but that’s understandable.

Anyway, if you were ever interested in blogging, bloggers, or making side money in general in your underwear living in your mom’s basement, this is definitely a good read. Though she says that there aren’t some heavy hitters like Scobleizer’s Robert Scoble, she does include quite a few notables. In fact, here are just a few:

*Michael Arrington – TechCrunch – $1.8 million
*Matt Drudge – The Drudge Report – $1.2 million
*Mario Lavandeira – Perez Hilton – $468,000 – $832,000

Also, you should take note that those are some of the higher end bloggers. If you take a look at the other end of the spectrum, some bloggers don’t even break $100 for the year. So, even though the appeal of anonymity though a kickass Web moniker, milky pale white skin, and a general sense of discombobulation due to what seems like an eternity of looking for blog fodder appeals to you…be forewarned, the glitz and glamor comes at a price…I think…


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