You’ll still respect me in the morning, right?

Do I make you horny, baby? Yeah? RAWR

I was going through the Romenesko blog today and found this interesting article from Editor & Publisher’s Joe Strupp. Basically it gets a lot of heavy hitters in the industry to chime in on the Dow Jones/Rupert Murdoch deal. It’s obviously been a hot topic among journalists given the status of the Wall Street Journal, and Murdoch’s reputation. The funny thing is that to get the $5 billion deal done, the participants are trying to work out an editorial independence clause to seem like they care about journalism.

The thing is, when you have news people getting news that affect news people, you better expect to get everyone’s two cents.

Anyway, keeping with that spirit, here’s mine: It’s kind of comical, because to get the deal done, the Bancrofts (majority shareholders) and Murdoch don’t need anyone else’s approval. This is just a move for aesthetic purposes; to show that it isn’t just about the money, when it actually is. You know what this seems like? It’s like a girl who’s about to cheat on her boyfriend with a known womanizer. She’s trying to talk herself into it, and he’s just trying to get in her pants. He’ll promise the world to her at that point, doesn’t mean it’ll mean anything the morning after.

She’s telling herself things like “It’s OK, we’re in different area codes…we’re on a break…It won’t hurt him if he doesn’t find out.”

The womanizer is saying things like “You’re absolutely right…I promise you everything will be fine tomorrow…It’s not a big deal.”

All the meanwhile, she knows deep down inside that she’s screwing her boyfriend over, and it doesn’t matter what she says to herself. The bottom line is that she wanted to do it, and it wasn’t going to stop her anyway.

For the womanizer? He just wanted to get in her pants.


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