Goodbye Gawker!

Who’s gawking now?

In one of her last posts as an editor, Emily Gould used her literary prowess to announce her exit at

“Yes, also it’s just a job, it’s just a business. Right now, it’s a business that is fairly hell-bent on increasing pageviews in light of the allegedly coming internet advertising downturn—whether that means that content is a tertiary concern after pageview-boosting commenter-friending features and sponsored contests. And still when you work here, Gawker is, to some extent, you.”

She, along with managing editor Choire Sicha, left Gawker at the end of 2007. Goodbye Gawker, hello integrity!

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Though Gould didn’t exactly say how much she was earning at the flagship site of the Gawker network, she did mention why Sicha decided to come back after leaving Gawker the first time:

” And finally:

In early 2007, Choire Sicha—the outsider, the non-careerist, the one who had known restraint, whose parody of journalism had retained some memory of journalism’s ethics—returned from the Observer to save Gawker. But it was too late.

That is, at least, overblown. Didn’t he do it for the money, actually? Yes. Yes he did.”

My eyes tend to do this from time to time.

How much are these bloggers earning anyway?

Whatever the case, good luck Choire and Emily and congratulations on realizing that hey, maybe for some people, its not all about the writing sometimes.

Who’s gawking now?


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