No Compete- Yes downtime!

Though we’re half way into January, the no compete clause that Rick Reilly agreed to when signing on with Sports Illustrated is more like a Santa Claus. Why? Because Rick Reilly gets the best present of all- vacation!

Who wouldn’t want one of those?

It’s not really a vacation, but instead a contractual obligation. According to Denver’s Westworld News, Reilly will not be able to join the ESPN team for a few more months:

“Due to a contractual adjunct known as a no-compete clause, however, he can’t begin his ESPN duties until June 1 — and the ongoing strike by the Writers Guild of America means that he isn’t allowed to work on film or TV scripts, either.”


With his down time, Reilly has been able to do a little bit of traveling:

“I just got back from three weeks in Argentina,” Reilly says, “and I’m fixing to go to Tahiti, Thailand, New Zealand, Cabo, Europe. I’m going to drink coffee, play the piano, get up, have breakfast, go back to bed and read, and forget the job. They call it a no-compete clause. I call it bliss.”

No, we’re not jealous. Not jealous at all.


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