It’s a blog eat blog world

In our last post about Gawker, this question was posed: “How much do these bloggers make anyway?”

Answer: we’re not quite sure yet! But this guy knows how much the average journalist who works as a professional blogger makes!
Do you know who I am!? No? Oh, okay…

Is it:
a) $20 k
b) $45 k
c) $90k – 120k

Find out how much (and who this guy actually is) after the jump!

The actual answer:

c) $90k – 120k

His name is Tom Foremski and he is the founder of Prior to blogging, Foremski worked at a publication called the Financial Times.

What are the salaries of journalists who work as professional bloggers?
I’d say it would be in the range of $90K to $120K. I can tell you that my revenues are much higher than they were at the Financial Times, but you have to understand that I’m reinvesting a lot of that money. I’m building an editorial team. The money left behind for myself is smaller, but it’s just a matter of time, I feel, before my salary as a journalist blogger will far exceed my salary at the Financial Times. I mean, it already does.

Thats a nice chunk of change there, Tom.

Read the entire article here:


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