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Ah yes…the perils of journalism

That’s got to be a conflict of interest issue right?

There are no need for words. Just watch. What? What do you mean there are need for words? Just click the play button, the videos are pretty self-explanatory! What? What do you mean where have we been? We write! Well…I mean, we want to write, it’s just … you know… stuff gets in the way. Huh? Nevermind what stuff. I know…it’s just… Look, maybe we’d write a bit more if you’d actually come around once in a while and leave a comment or two, OK? Geez, fine.

Honestly, you’re getting a little too high maintenance for us. We just thought this would be kind of like a …you know… casual thing. Nothing too serious, just a little fun while we’re young you know? We didn’t think you’d get all clingy and stuff. I just don’t think we’re ready for that kind of commitment. I mean, not at this moment in our lives anyway. OK, fine. We’ll talk some more later.

Now where were we? Oh yeah, just watch:

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