$15 versus 15 years

I'm cheap!

Fifteen dollars can buy you a lot of things — 30 tacos at Jack in the Box, three footlong sandwiches at Subway, or if you’re feeling really glam, a three course meal at Denny’s, tip included! $15 can also buy you this: (Media Bistro- How To Start a Blog)$15!? Are you serious?

1 video
15 minutes total running time

No way man! A dollar a minute? We refuse. We absolutely refuse. You know, they would probably make more money selling ads to put in front of this video as it streamed for free to the public as opposed to selling this download for $15.In any case, we’d much rather surf YouTube and learn these things for free from people like this:

This guy is only 15. Future american teen-preneur? Maybe, just maybe.


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