FJOTD: Robin Scherbatsky!

Good morning readers!

After a long, hard deliberation, we have decided that our Fictional Journalist of the Day is none other than How I Met Your Mother’s Robin Scherbatsky.

Robin has a bit of an edge.. a razors edge! Get it? No? Ok fine...

Robin is a reporter at a local news station in New York. What is it aboot her that makes this Scherbatsky girl special? Its not often you meet very many girls who enjoy guns, smoke cigars, date characters portrayed by Enrique Iglesias, and in some magic way… are from Canada. This girl is a looker. Melissa Theuriau-esque, almost!

That wasn’t always the case though:

It's not porn!

Right aboot now you’re probably thinking, what the heck happened here? We’ll show you what happened alright!

And if you’re not convinced yet:

Lets go look at links! …today.

– Craigslist is going multi-lingual! (

– When you can’t beat ‘em… start a blog and anonymously post about the people against you. Classy guys, very classy.(

– Can you believe this? Only 7 percent of all ad dollars goes to online advertising! And now they want more. (NYFishbowl)

– Ever wondered how much a top reporter makes at a newspaper? Here’s your chance to find out! (

– Blogger threats another blogger over a screen capture, ends up getting pwned! (


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