A look back at April’s fools: a roundup

Another example of when “making it rain” goes wrong

Just like the rest of you, yesterday we kept an eye out for journalistic tomfoolery in the tradition that is the first of April. Here’s what we found:

– The top 10 all time, according to one perspective anyway. (BreitBart)

-Tribune is renamed ZellCoMediaEnterprises Inc. (WSJ)

– April Fools for geeks. The tech kind. So, I guess tech geeks. (CyberNet)

Gawker whores out Jezebel. What else is new? (Gawker Media)

– Can we put a round up in a round up? Sure, why not? Nobody’s reading anyway. Just joshin’ ya folks! (USA Today)

– Here’s some international flavor. Flying penguins, stretching presidents, and more! (National Post)

– Buzzkill? Sure. And a long one at that. (WebProNews)

– Note to self, don’t reveal prank before actual prank. Next year perhaps. (Silicon Alley Insider)

– OK Google, we get it. You’re cool all over the world… Now, can I get a little privacy please? Geez… (SearchNewz)

– And back to reality we go! Remember Gawker‘s payscale? (Valleywag)

Whew. And you wondered why we didn’t post yesterday. You know how we feel right now? Here, and it’s not a Rick Roll:


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