FJOTD: Andie Anderson

Hello friends!

Tinmaker here, Its 5:40 and I am bringing you the late afternoon of FJOTD! You already got to know our friend (and my hometown hero) Ron Burgandy. Now lets take a trip east and meet Kate Hudson’s Andie Anderson!

The Ruckmaker already gave Kate and Matt some face time on this blog, so I bring you How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days- OC style! I love this movie- ruthless editors, glamorous clothing, and illicit relationships (Advertising vs. Journalism? Blog forbid!), not to mention.. a Celine Dion concert! How can it get any better?With that, here todays links!- This USC professor means business… practices. He wants students to learn business practices. []

– The Conservative Revolutionary American Party III breaks down the need for business classes in J-School. More on our thoughts on this later. []

– Your news, mapped! []

– Follow up question: If you’ve been working 5+ years in New Media… and if things have changed since 5 years ago… doesn’t that make you old news? []

Happy clicking!


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