FJOTD: Clark Kent

On a crime-free day around on the corner of Fifth Street and Concord Lane, the super introverted, super passive, super geeky (but in a strange way, super dreamy) Clark Kent can be found at The Daily Planet. When he’s not writing for the newspaper or rocking a sweet pair of thick, plastic frames, he goes by his alter-ego (though some argue it’s the other way around) Superman.

More after Clark Kent after the jump! But first, our links:

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Ever wonder what happened to Miss Emily Gould? She’s living the life of a freelancer these days, and running a blog! (Emily Magazine)

Ever wonder why other people blog? Here’s your chance to find out. (Problogger)

Fox news is falling behind… on ratings, that is. (Crooks and Liars)

Gee… those message in a t-shirt things sure make our job hard sometimes. (Mamapop)

So you’re probably wondering– why is Clark Kent the FJOTD? We mean, sure, you can argue that this guy’s passion for journalism isn’t in his belly. Part of the reason why he’s a reporter to begin with is so he can disappear for hours at a time because he has to do research. Not to mention, he compromises his journalistic integrity by becoming the story.

Yes- we do recognize that all of those are true, but in turn, we’ll ask you; why not? Yeah, he’s a little mild-mannered, and his love for his craft isn’t ideal, but what are you to do when you have a secret identity to protect? You can’t be super at everything, otherwise your cover will get blown. Besides, we can only wish that we could say that we can juggle the hardships of saving the world from bad guys and before deadline. Someday…


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