FJOTD: Danny Tanner!

Good night, Michelle!

OK, I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably thinking a) WTF happened yesterday? b) WTF is Danny bleepin’ Tanner the Fictional Journalist of the Day?! Well, hold your horses, because a) APRIL FOOLS! You thought we would have more posts, and we didn’t! b) Danny bleepin’ Tanner wasn’t a professional parent (he did that on the side, that’s how badass he was), he was originally a sportscaster turned morning show host. So, he fits the bill.

More on him later, now for a post April Fools link bonanza:

-The struggles of non-profit blogging, and the perversion that soon follows. (Food Court Lunch)

– For the masochistic newspaper guys. (Blogging Stocks)

– Yay! Propaganda 2.0! I wonder if they’re focusing on driving user-generated content. (Wired)

– Bloggers are movin’ on up! (The Denver Channel)

– Major League Baseball vs. Media in a best of seven series. (The Enquirer via The Big Lead)

– Why do people keep kicking newspapers while they’re down? Ahem, um…cough…what? Who? (The Platform via Romenesko)

– Wall Street analyst gives his thoughts on quadrantONE, newspaper stocks. (The Analyst’s Review)

OK, back to Mr. Tanner. Now to get you into the proper mindset, I present to you:

And if that’s not enough, how about the fact that this poor widower and parent of three also has to deal with his wannabe greaser brother-in-law, and a freeloading “comic” who doesn’t really have any ties to the family, if you think about it.

All this and he still has the energy to wake up San Francisco every morning with nothing more than a smile on his face. Creepy? Maybe a little, but then again…wouldn’t you be if you’d gone insane years ago (possibly NSFW, our first one!) too? Further proof.

I rest my case.


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