FJOTD: Heather Holloway!

She’s getting the hard news one way or another … that was inappropriate…

We know what you’re thinking. Really? Heather Holloway from Thank You for Smoking? Really? We’re short on time today, so we wanted someone cheap, easy and that will suffice for now. Keep in mind, however, that this young and driven reporter managed to take down this man, albeit even if only for a short time. And though it cost her her integrity, her job, her reputation, her… let’s just say it was a heavy price. The fact is she paid it, willingly. Anything to get the story. More on her later. Yes, there’s more.

Now, onto today’s links!

– Newsmagazines are getting makers over shedding the extra weight. (WSJ via Romenesko)

– No March Madness money for the LA Times staff, which basically means there’s no real madness. So essentially it’s just March. Or it was March, we guess. (The Big Lead)

– If you can’t beat ’em…. Also, we swear we’re not stalking her. Honest. (Media Bistro)

– This is kind of pathetic. Actually, on second thought, not kind of. Completely. (The Bad and Ugly)

– Newspapers aren’t the only ones cutting jobs. Misery loves company? (NY Times)

Now, back to Miss Holloway. We’re not saying that we’re a fan of her tactics (or her portrayal by the always underwhelming, and mostly overmatched Katie Holmes), but there’s always something attractive about an up and coming reporter with some spunk.

In any case, if you’re unfamiliar with her approach, here is one quote that tells you everything you need to know about Holloway: … hm… we can’t seem to find the quote, mainly because it contains a NSFW word that we’re afraid to search for at work. We’ll keep you posted as the day continues, hopefully this will be resolved soon. Found it!

Holloway: Hey Nick, what’d you think?

Nick Naylor: Heather … Oh…I mean, there’s a lot of information in here, Heather, that is off the record.

Holloway: You never said anything about off the record.

Naylor: I presumed that anything said while I was inside you was privileged.

Holloway: Nick, if you wanted to talk on a plane or at a movie or over dinner that would’ve been fine. But you wanted to … That’s fine by me.

Naylor: You used me.

Holloway: Oh Nick, come on. Now we’re being children.

Whoa, nelly!

Editors note: We actually couldn’t find this scene on text, so as the devoted bloggers that we are, we pulled up the movie and transcribed it for you. Also, if you haven’t seen Thank You for Smoking, it’s another one that we highly recommend. We promise you it’s a lot more family friendly than this excerpt suggests.


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