FJOTD: Henry Hackett!

Guess bleepin’ what?! He doesn’t live in the bleepin’ world! He lives in bleepin’ New York City!

Morning, everybody! This is our first post since this. We’d like to thank everyone again for being our friends, and checking out our site. We’d especially like to thank those of you that took the time to comment on this here blog. In any case, today’s Fictional Journalist of the Day is… Henry Hackett! For those of you who haven’t seen The Paper, we highly recommend it. Hackett is the poster boy of a journalist fighting the good fight, and making the tough choices that we’d all wish we could make in this dramedy filled with life lessons. More on Hackett after the jump.

But first, here are today’s links!

– Maverick billionaire who owns the Mavericks opens up locker rooms to bloggers after all, after NBA Commissioner David Stern gets stern. In fact, he opens it up to all bloggers. Petty? (Dallas News)

– Major U.S. newspapers have lost more than 10 percent of copies in daily circulation, according to a recent findings. Also, newspaper companies are losing a lot of money. (Editor & Publisher)

– A survey of your peers and possible role models on what they think about the industry and its future. (The Editors Weblog)

– Advice for J-school grads! Funny story, the only advice we ever got about J-school was that it was a waste of time. The verdict’s still out though. Do you agree? Comments! (College Media Innovation)

-HAHAHAHA! This site is awesome! ( AngryJournalist)

– Are you a new media douchebag? Yay! (Cinnamon Pants via Dave Fleet)

Now, back to Henry Hackett and The Paper. No, not this The Paper.


As a young buck such as ourselves back in the mid-90s, when we first saw The Paper, we have to admit that we were engrossed in the different lives of the staff at the New York Sun.

The movie gives you a peek inside the daily going-ons of quite a few different journalists. Here’s a pretty good recap/review here.

At the center of all the chaos, you have Henry Hackett (Michaeal Keaton), the metro editor juggling his pregnant wife, a potential sweet gig at the stuffy NY Times-like rival, and uncovering the truth behind what seems like a racially driven double homicide … all before deadline! He’s a newspaper man, a journalist’s journalist.

What made the movie great, and what ultimately brings out the best in Hackett is his supporting cast. You have his wife, Martha (played by a cute-as-a-button Marisa Tomei), who left her post at the Sun after she became pregnant. You have Robert Duvall as Bernie White, the battle-hardened chief editor who took a few too many wrong turns in his personal life. You had Glenn Close as Alicia Clark, a talented managing editor who lost her way and fell to the darkside of the newspaper business. There’s quite a few more ancillary characters that help drive things along as well. It’s the way Hackett battles, confides, approaches, and avoids these people that ultimately brings out the best in him. Did I mention this happens all in one day?

And that, dear readers, is why Hackett gets the nod for today’s FJOTD.


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