FJOTD: Jenna Rink

Can someone please explain to us when the need for a high-powered, b-wordish woman is in a movie or television show, they always have to be a higher up in the magazine industry doing something like, say… fashion? Its always the same! We mean, they couldn’t have been anything else? Like a scientist, or a doctor, or a chef?

You mean there are other high powered professions for females out there other than magazine editor? You've bursted my bubble!


Hm. Scientist… doctor… chef… nope! Not feminine enough, sorry!

Luckily for us, not all fictional magazine editors are complete b-words! Or at least, intentionally are. Case in point: Jenna Rink from 13 going on 30!

Before we continue on our adventure on FJOTD’ing, here are today’s links:

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More on 13 going on 30 after the jump!

So Jenna Rink is played by the lovely and (and innocent looking) Jennifer Garner. Basically, what happens in this movie is that Jennifer Garner’s character, at 13, is completely enamored by the idea of being 30 after reading Poise (her favorite magazine) and thinking that hey– 30 is the place to be! At her 13th birthday party, her supposed friends play a mean trick on her, causing little Jenna to go into her parent’s basement closet and cry her eyes out. There, she wishes she was 30 (and flirty!) and low and behold… she gets what she wishes for. Not to mention she’s a high powered magazine editor, who she later finds out is actually kind of corrupt. How typical!

Another reason why Jenna Rink is cool: she does a mean rendition of Micheal Jackson’s thriller.

With that, Jenna Rink gets our nod for FJOTD!



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