FJOTD: Kermit The Frog

Hi all! Today’s Fictional Journalist of the Day is our first one of the nonhuman sort. His name? Kermit the Frog! He’s had a wonderful, wonderful career with Sesame Street News and in our opinion, is probably one of the best frog reporters ever!

It's not easy being green.. and a reporter!

More on Kermit after the jump! First, our links:

Pulitzers are out! Washington Post grabs six, and the NY Times takes home two. (

CBS is thinking of using CNN while reporting… is that lazy or economical? (NY Times)

Don’t pay to learn how to be an entrepreneurial journalist, it’s all online! (Be Successful News)

This whole covering the negatives thing during the presidential primaries is really getting the people at Baylor kind of down. Well, not really, but they are discussing it! (Baylor)

Sure, anyone can participate in citizen journalism. Teaching it on the classroom, however? That might be a little more tough. (MediaShift Idea Lab)

The Tupac-Diddy story we told you about from the LA times has been officially retracted… finally. (LA Times)

So where were we… ah yes, Kermit. So the news bureau he works for is the Sesame Street News, and my oh my does he have an impressive reel. His beat? The fairy tales one, naturally. He’s covered stories like the rescuing of Rapunzel to Humpty Dumpty to even Hickory Dickory Dock.On scene, Kermit reports with the finesse of a seasoned news vet. He also wears a really neat trench coat and fedora which shows that he’s totally ready for anything to happen. We wonder if they’re water proof like his skin.

The great thing about Mr. Frog is that not only has he had a career in journalism, but he’s handy behind the scenes as well. He produced Muppets Tonight and was the stage manager of the Muppet Show. This is one well rounded frog, and that’s why he’s today’s FJOTD. Now for some music!


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