FJOTD: Miranda Vera Cruz de la Jolla Cardinal!

This is….you know who this is.

Continuing with our streak of random and obscure Fictional Journalist of the Day, we present to you Ms. Miranda Vera Cruz de la Jolla Cardinal! More on her later.

We apologize for the lateness of today’s FJOTD, but we’ve been a bit swamped lately with… well you don’t want to hear it and we won’t bore you with it. So onto the links!

– This is fitting for tonight’s big game. Hopefully it’ll get you in the mood as graduates earning an average salary of $67k root against those earning $59.1k. UNC ($75.1K) and UCLA ($86.6) can take solace in their larger average salary after choking in the Final Four. (PayScale)

– Hm… I didn’t know being a journalist could get you underaged tail. “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.” Yay, Wooderson. Boo McConaughey. (North Jersey via The Big Lead)

– Want extra cheddar on the side? Take up a hobby that actually pays. Why isn’t blogging on that list? Oh, wait… (AOL)

– You mean it doesn’t pay, and can get you fired? (Yahoo! Finance)

– So does this mean Katie Couric is getting used to coming in last place? (Washington Post via Romenesko)

– Sounds like something out of a horror/murder mystery flick. Bloggers are being taken out like flies! The main suspect? An inactive lifestyle. Behind it all, it’s just another profile on what blogging is. You already know how we feel about that. (NY Times)

Now, back to Miranda Vera Cruz de la Jolla Cardinal! You might recognize her as the on-location correspondent covering the latest Bundy family mishaps on the ’90s hit sitcom Married with Children.

Vera Cruz de la Jolla Cardinal was a parody on Latin news reporters/anchors who would speak impeccable English, but would always add that little extra “somptin’ somptin” when pronouncing their names or anything that required a hint of accent.

In addition, Vera Cruz de la Jolla Cardinal provided some extra off-air personality when the cameras were off…or on, in some cases. Here’s an example.

“Hi. This is Miranda VeraCruz de la Jolla Cardinal, and we are here live outside the studios of WHBZ, where some sort of pro-violence demonstration was supposed to be held. But the only evidence we could find is a crumpled copy of Penthouse magazine, and the name “Al” mysteriously written in the snow. So, once again, it seems the joke’s on me. Ha ha ha ha ha. This is Miranda VeraCruz de la Jolla Cardinal, saying ‘I’d have that anchor job by now, if I had just slept with Peter Jennings instead of Andy Rooney’.”

So, today’s salute is to you, Ms. Miranda Vera Cruz de la Cardinal!


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