FJOTD: Two for One Special!

We don’t know what to write here.

We’d like to apologize for going MIA yesterday. We’re just going to blame it on technical difficulties and move on from it. To make it up to you, we’re giving you not one, not one and a half, but TWO Fictional Journalists of the Day! Today!

For this selection, we have chosen Andy Sachs and Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada. Now, you could argue that they’re not really journalists, and the aptly named Sachs (inappropriate!) was just a typical pretentious college grad at best.

We’ll have more after after the jump. But first, the links:

– You might get put off by the headline, but they make a good point about comments. Newspapers are adding comment sections for their online articles, but then subsequently disregarding them. The point of the comment section is to drive discussion and provide readers with a forum to be heard. Otherwise, what’s the point? Leave us one, we’ll talk to you. (Online Journalism Review)

– Hm, remember how we had the post about the UK teenage tycoons? Here’s America’s answer! America! F**K YEAH! (Forbes)

– Money lessons for the couch potato. Bloggers, pay attention. (AOL Money & Finance)

– More perks of the job! Our favorite? Smug Reporter vs. the Roided Revenger. (Gawker)

– And the Webby goes to… (Webby Awards)

– Here’s a piece on men’s mag publisher Felix Dennis. We used to be BIG fans of Maxim back in the day. We stopped reading it when we realized we were paying to read ads disguised as content. (Times Online)

– The good news about the newspaper bloodletting? Fresh eyes, of course. Will this be looked back on as the Great Journalistic Purge of the 2000s? (Slate)

– Interesting idea, and a lot of great reads. We’ll be keeping tabs on this. (Britannica Blog)

Now, back to our fictional “journalists.” Now, we must admit, when the movie first came out, we were interested because of the “journalist” portion of the movie. Watching an enterprising and engaging young reporter cutting their teeth in the big world.

“Um, Miranda…your age is showing…”

Unfortunately for Sachs (hehe), all she becomes is a glorified personal assistant. To us, she’s sort of the Luke Skywalker to Priestly’s Jedi-gone-astray Darth Vader. Don’t judge us, please.

Sachs, of course, chooses her morals over the glitz and glam of the fashion magazine lifestyle. (Oh no! Spoilers! Our apologies) Meanwhile, Priestly stays the same old dead-inside-but-at-least-I’m-still-on-top magazine chief.

In any case, the movie is more about generally following your own path and maintaining your own values/integrity, and that’s applicable in any field. It ended a little too cheesy for our tastes, but then again … Well, we’re just saying.

Also, it kind of bothered us that Sachs (Northwestern grad, supposedly impressive clips) felt like she had to slum it to get some journalism cred.

Random Tangent: Oh yeah, before we forget. A couple years ago, we wondered what the hell Anne Hathaway was doing with her career doing all these kiddish movies like Ella Enchanted and the Princess Diaries. Then out of nowhere she does Havoc and um… shows her Sachs. Then does it again (we hear) in Brokeback Mountain. Now? She’s a full-fledged bankable actress. I don’t know if anyone’s ever achieved the transition from child star to legitimately respected adult actress by showing her goods better and in a shorter timespan than Hathaway.

I guess our point is, like Hathaway, Sachs forged her own path, and that’s why she’s one of today’s FJOTD.

As for Priestly? She’s in because she’s got this:


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