Friends with benefits

What? We still haven’t posted a video today? Well we’re going to change that right now! Here’s poignant discussion on the current state of journalism and news reporting that was featured on Real Time with Bill Maher a little over a year ago. Guests include Dan Rathers, Martha Raddatz, and um… for some reason, Jason Alexander.

Topics discussed included how friendly is too friendly when it comes to journalists, their sources, and the people they’re supposed to be covering. The conversation veered over to declining circulation and sources for your daily news. It’s a good watch, albeit a bit old. It is, however, definitely not dated material as the points made are as relevant now as they were a year ago.

What are your thoughts on the topic? We agree with Rather that regardless of where you get your information, news is still broken by the organizations that are dedicated to the journalistic craft and reporting. You can have all the blogs and Daily Shows in the world, but they all need to get their information from somewhere.

As for chumminess with your beat. It has to be hard to not develop personal bonds, especially when creating and cultivating relationships is so vital in a reporter’s ability to break the news in their beat. We find it hard to believe that there’s a reporter out there that doesn’t pull a punch once or twice to maintain their contacts. It’s just the nature of the beast, no?

We’d love to hear your thoughts, veterans and rookies alike.


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