FYI: Newspapers aren’t doing that great

In “Out of Print: The death and life of the American Newspaper,” New Yorker writer Eric Alterman takes us on a journey as to the decline of newspapers, how the internet is taking over, and why the HuffPo is indeed going to out live us all.Say what?What was that? You didn’t know that the newspaper business was declining? Oh… yikes. This isn’t awkward. This isn’t awkward at all.For the most part, Eric Alterman’s essay was pretty much a comprehensive update that validates the fact that when you have less money, you’ll get less business. So if newspapers aren’t dead yet, what kind of future do you think it has? Anyone foresee newspapers surrendering to the big bad world of the Internet? Or perhaps they’ll hold hands and work together?Oh wait- you mean they’re already doing that? Whoops! Thanks for the update, Eric Alterman. You’re the man.


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