Hello, Friendo!

This post goes out to all our new friends on MySpace who are visiting our page– thank you for stopping by! We are currently at 53– that’s right– 53 friends as of the time of this post!

Be our friend?

It’s still under construction, but pretty neat none the less! Want to be our friend? We’d love to be yours! Add us at MySpace.com/Earnalism!If you’re still in the dark about who we are, check out our about page (warning: tongue-in-cheek writing ahead) or check out our archives!Now, you’re probably wondering, why did you guys get a MySpace? For friends, actually. We wanted to make friends and introduce you guys to our blog. Here at Earnalism, we’re still starting thing’s up. That means we’re absolutely, completely open to (and would much appreciate) any feedback or suggestions you guys have. Have an opinion on one of our posts? Leave us a comment! Any job openings or stories you’d like to share with everyone? Shoot us an e-mail! Interviews you’d like see? Let us know.Leave us a blog comment if you have thoughts specifically for individual posts. If you have suggestions on the overall site, new features, etc. Tell us on our MySpace, or e-mail us directly at ruckmaker@earnalism.com or tinmaker@earnalism.com.

So yeah, this MySpace thing is pretty cool. Next stop… Friendster! Then Hi-5! Then Facebook, then Twitter, then… Yeahhhhhh!!! Oh my, pardon our Howard Dean.Thanks again for visiting- your feedback is greatly encouraged and appreciated!


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