Heres QuadrantOne way to approach advertising:

Define Constrotium:

She's touching who's consortium?
a) Consortium is a form of cooperation between two or more carriers to operate in a particular trade.
b) A fictional organization in the video game franchise Syphon Filter.
c) A two or more membered bacterial culture (or natural assemblage) in which each organism benefits from others.d) A style of show from Adidas.Trick Question- it’s actually all four!So you’re probably wondering, why the heck did they just ask me what a consortium is? We just wanted to get you prepped for this neat little thing on the Yahoo consortium joining QuadrantONE, an alliance of hundreds of TV and newspaper affiliated websites from all around the country.

QuadrantONE grants these guys the nice little luxury of having access to national advertising in prime spaces without having to sell those ads independently, or make contact with affiliated websites to sell ad space either! It’s all pretty much taken care of. Neat, huh?

Who is holding who?

Well, kind of. In this partnership, newspapers put away a certain percentage of ads for the ones sold by quadrantONE. Kinda cool… except for the sales people who were responsible for selling national ads.Does anyone smell the shrinking of sales departments up ahead? Anyone? Anyone? [


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