Mark Cuban to the New York Times: You and everyone else

Um…and this picture was made public? No way! Swear to blog?Someone needs to come up with a new medium so that Newspapers can get more readers and make more money! Quick!No seriously, they do! Mark Cuban said so.Mr. Cuban wrote a lengthy blog on said topic and a few other things. We took the liberty of translating a few paragraphs on his attitudes towards newspapers and blogs.More after the jump! “To try to maximize online traffic and resultant revenue, newspapers turned to blogging. Saul Hansell of the NYTimes commented that blogs are used uniquely and thoughtfully by NYTimes reporters to communicate new information and create discussion. That’s great. It’s a way for the paper to drive readers to their website, keep them as readers and hopefully add more readers. It’s using whatever content management system they use to give more value to readers. Wonderful.”Translation: Its nice that New York Times reporters share neat things with the online community!”Unfortunately for them, they are now in the same old grind that they are in with the newspaper business. Their articles, I mean blogs, vs everyone elses’ blogs. They hope that readers believe that their content is better and that brings them back. They hope like the new TV show following the hit, that they can retain audience. An approach which puts them on the exact same content treadmill as even the smallest blogger. . For some on the NYTimes website, as with any and every other newspaper website, they will manage to stand out from the crowd. The majority will not. They will bump their way down to where everyone else is. Such is the nature of the content business. No matter what anyone at the NY Times thinks.”Translation: Too bad everyone else has done the same thing you have!”That is the endgame I see for newspapers that publish complimentary content on their website. You can call it blogging. You can even call it something else. The point I didnt make clear enough in my previous post, is that it has to be something else. No matter the quality of the writer, its just another stab at an audience in a medium where there are no barriers to entry. Its just one more example of the newspaper business following everyone else onto the web and doing exactly what everyone else is doing, but expecting they will be better because they are “The big paper”. Thats a huge mistake.”Translation: Maybe you guys should try should try something else… like smoke signals?


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