What in blog’s name is a blog?

I want to blog you so bad right now!

Around these here parts, we kind of feel that talking about blogs as the new “cool, hip (yes, hip!)” thing and reading “what exactly is a blog?”-type articles (cringe) are a bit passe. The misnomer that bloggers are only tech savvy hipsters who talk like Juno or fat guys who live in their mom’s basements have been dispelled, no?

By no means are we trying to be elitists here, and you are definitely welcomed to disagree with us (comments), but it’s just that we feel they’ve been around long enough that it’s safe to assume the casual reader has a basic understanding of what exactly is a blog. Just because you don’t know how something works, doesn’t mean you don’t know what it is.

With that said, we enjoyed this article by Bob Morse for the Times-Standard. The guy knows what he’s talking about, and it isn’t a convoluted mess. He also addresses, albeit briefly, that blogs are becoming increasingly adopted by businesses (more on that later, we promise) to help gain attention. Businesses! Even corporate execs are blogging! <—There’s even a blog on corporate blogging.

Are there more opposites of a spectrum than aforementioned hipsters/FGWLITMB than corporate big wigs?


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