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FJOTD: Kermit The Frog

Hi all! Today’s Fictional Journalist of the Day is our first one of the nonhuman sort. His name? Kermit the Frog! He’s had a wonderful, wonderful career with Sesame Street News and in our opinion, is probably one of the best frog reporters ever!

It's not easy being green.. and a reporter!

More on Kermit after the jump! First, our links:

Pulitzers are out! Washington Post grabs six, and the NY Times takes home two. (

CBS is thinking of using CNN while reporting… is that lazy or economical? (NY Times)

Don’t pay to learn how to be an entrepreneurial journalist, it’s all online! (Be Successful News)

This whole covering the negatives thing during the presidential primaries is really getting the people at Baylor kind of down. Well, not really, but they are discussing it! (Baylor)

Sure, anyone can participate in citizen journalism. Teaching it on the classroom, however? That might be a little more tough. (MediaShift Idea Lab)

The Tupac-Diddy story we told you about from the LA times has been officially retracted… finally. (LA Times)

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LA Times apologizes; Diddy didn’t done did Pac!

That’s a Big Pac!

We’re a little late on this (sorry, tech reasons), but after the Los Angeles Times reported recently that the death of rapper Tupac Shakur was the result of an ordered hit by Bad Boy exec Sean Combs Puff Daddy P. Diddy Walter Lee Younger Diddy (but still P. Diddy in the U.K. and New Zealand) … where was I? Oh yes, the LA Times debacle. So after the story was published, the Smoking Gun did some snooping of their own, and lo and behold, it turns out the LA Times reporter Chuck Philips pulled a Dan Rather.

It turns out Philips was given fake FBI documents implementing Combs err…Diddy. Philips’ source? An un savory character by the name of James Sabatino, who coincidentally, kind of resembles Bobby Hill of The King of the Hill fame.

The paper has caught a lot of heat in the past few hours, and Philips and deputy managing editor Marc Duvoisin has since issued an apology.

In tribute to the two musical giants…uh, uh, yeah, uh…actually, why don’t I do this instead: Continue reading

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It’s a business, man!

Give me all your ads!
Obvious statements in the Newspaper Business:

1) Lots of Readership= lots of Ads
2) Lots of ads = lots of revenue
3) Lots of revenue = success
4) Newspaper Business= Less readership
5) Less readership = Less ads
6) Do we really need to spell this out?

James O’Shea, the editor of the Los Angeles times was fired by publisher Dave Hiller (above) after refusing to carry out $4 Million dollars in budget cuts. Since 2005, O’Shea is the third editor to leave the Times. In 2006, then-editor Dean Banquet also left over cost-cutting issues. Said Reuters: “The Times has struggled along with other media companies in an adverse newspaper advertising environment, and has cut staff and editorial resources in recent years.”

O’Shea didn’t go out quietly. Heres an excerpt from his letter to the Times’ newsroom after his termination:

“(We) didn’t share a common vision for the future of the Los Angeles Times… David decided he wanted to terminate my employment and get another editor.”

Hillers vision? “Closing foreign bureaus and cutting back other parts of the L.A. Times to free up cash for the upcoming Olympics and the presidential campaign.”

Hm. Close, cut back… in the world of business, that usually means termination of employees somewhere down the line. Thats not good, thats not good at all!

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Too broke to intern?

It’s a reasonable question. In this article, the Daily Bruin examines how taking an unpaid internship may actually be a cost too high for struggling college students.

I understand the article’s a little old, but then again, this blog is a little new…so…anyway…

In the piece, a few nice little gems are unearthed, including:

*The LA Times pays their interns $600 a week for the paper’s 10 week program.
*In the last 3 and a half years, CBS has hired 59 of the 160 interns it took on.
*For those with a lot of money, but no opportunities, the University of Dreams internship program place you in an unpaid program with major companies like MTV, Sony Music, etc. for a low price of $6,500 to $9,000.

You know the funny thing is, even if you landed an internship with the LA Times, you still wouldn’t have made enough money after the 10 weeks to pay for the University of Dreams program.

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