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FJOTD: Edward R. Murrow of Good Night, Good Luck

Smoking, what every growing journalist needs!

Wow, we’re heading into new territory. Exciting, no? This is our first Fictional Journalist of the Day that is based on an actual journalist! There will be more to come. Also, if we have to tell you who this is and who it’s supposed to be, you should be ashamed of yourself.

We’ll tell you anyway, after the jump of course. Now for the links!

– This has to be a joke. There’s no way this is their official blog. Are you kidding me? (America Airlines on friggin blogspot)

– More bloggers on blogger burnout. At what point do we start comparing bloggers to addicted gamers? (Boston Herald)

– Douchie financial “humor” blogger takes a stab at snarking journalists/Washington Post. Comments indicate results were less than desirable. Aside: what the hell happened to Dealbreaker? Did they jump the shark while we weren’t paying attention? (Dealbreaker)

– This was supposed to go on yesterday’s job posts, but here you go. Ever wanted to intern for free, from your own home? The Big Lead, a five-tool sports blog, may have something for you. (The Big Lead)

– Schadenfreude! Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is having trouble finding a job. We sure didn’t see that coming. It would probably help if he could actually recall what he did at his last gig. (NY Times)

– Hopefully, we’ll be getting to these soon. (Britannica Blog) Continue reading


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FJOTD: Howard Beale!

“No wire hangers, EVER!” … wait, wrong quote…

Hey! Long time no see! Now, you probably saw this one coming. Today’s Fictional Journalist of the Day is none other than Howard Beale of the iconic 1976 movie Network. Why? Because he’s mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore! That, and he was “the first known instance of a man who was killed because he had lousy ratings.”

On that note, let’s look at the links!

– This is what happens when you go on hiatus for extended periods of time. Ugh. On the bright side, it looks like we’ll be hangin’ with Mr. Cooper now. (NY Daily News)

– Interesting behind the scenes look at The Smoking Gun. (NY Times)

– How does your salary stack up? (Parade)

– A little late now, we know. However, this is a pretty good read for a few reasons. First, we find out that one of the contributors at TheBigLead makes less than $40k. Second, the readers/commenters subsequently give him the bidniz for said annual income. Third, tax advice for gamblers! (The Big Lead)

– Celebrity incomes! (Parade via AOL)

– Another interesting read on Gawker’s payscale and blogger compensation strategy. It’s riveting stuff people! Trust us. (MediaShift via Romenesko)

– On a related note, the temptation to pander and hype stories is greater than ever. (NY Observer also via Romenesko)

– For you freelancing freelancers, some part time jobs with benefits might help. (AOL Jobs) Continue reading

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FJOTD: Robin Scherbatsky!

Good morning readers!

After a long, hard deliberation, we have decided that our Fictional Journalist of the Day is none other than How I Met Your Mother’s Robin Scherbatsky.

Robin has a bit of an edge.. a razors edge! Get it? No? Ok fine...

Robin is a reporter at a local news station in New York. What is it aboot her that makes this Scherbatsky girl special? Its not often you meet very many girls who enjoy guns, smoke cigars, date characters portrayed by Enrique Iglesias, and in some magic way… are from Canada. This girl is a looker. Melissa Theuriau-esque, almost!

That wasn’t always the case though:

It's not porn!

Right aboot now you’re probably thinking, what the heck happened here? We’ll show you what happened alright!

And if you’re not convinced yet:

Lets go look at links! …today.

– Craigslist is going multi-lingual! (

– When you can’t beat ‘em… start a blog and anonymously post about the people against you. Classy guys, very classy.(

– Can you believe this? Only 7 percent of all ad dollars goes to online advertising! And now they want more. (NYFishbowl)

– Ever wondered how much a top reporter makes at a newspaper? Here’s your chance to find out! (

– Blogger threats another blogger over a screen capture, ends up getting pwned! (

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The Brit-ish are coming! The Brit-ish are coming!

He has more disposable income than you have disposable diapers. Chummmmp.

Aylo, aylo! Cherio ol’ chap! Why are we typing like this? Why to mimick the new generation of “teenage tycoons” and “teen-preneurs” (lame) of course!

From Scotland’s national newspaper, The Scotsman (go figure):

A NEW breed of “teenage tycoons” are taking the nation by storm with almost 21,000 children of 15 or 16 earning more than £60,00 online each year.

The figure revealed today in a survey is nearly three times the average UK salary. According to the research, 15 per cent of teenagers are earning £23 an hour – six times the UK minimum wage.
The Virgin Media group surveyed 700 youngsters between the ages of 13 and 18 and found 43 per cent have made money on the internet in the past 12 months. Just over one in five of these “teen-preneurs” has gone as far as setting up an online businesses from their bedroom while in full-time education.

The Internet, eh? If you factor in the currency conversion rate, that means they’re making … um…hm…let’s see … carry the one … and … A LOT OF MONEY!

Meanwhile, would you like to see what America’s youth is up to? Here you go, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Aside: I actually was thinking about using a picture of one of these movies, but the story isn’t about smart kids so much is it about kids makin’ bread.
Continue reading

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Gawker’s payscale revisited

Again with the payscale? Can’t a man just enjoy his cake shower in peace?

It seemed like only a brief couple of months ago that we dug up some archaic data on what Gawker editors earned. In fact, it’s been so long that some of the previous Gawker editors that made the latest version of The List, have not been associated with the snooty blog for quite some time.

In any case, there has been some new light shed on the current class of editors and the fortunes that comes with their positions. Felix Salmon did some browsing around the blog for Portfolio magazine and came up with a pretty transparent formula to figure out the earning power of each editor. Take it Felix:

You wanna know how much Gawker writers get paid? Well, let me tell you. Remember that they don’t really get salaries any more, just advances. And it’s been widely reported that bloggers on the flagship Gawker site get $7.50 per thousand pageviews. All we need to know now is how many pageviews they get, and, well, it turns out there’s a public webpage detailing that information.

Pretty sick isn’t it? Imagine having your abilities and talents exposed to the public, constantly magnified by the rabid audience that you signed on to please. It’s got to be maddening right? Actually, you’ve got to hand it to Denton. You grab a bunch of young, pretentious, 20-something writers and let them go at each other.

Continue reading

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What would you do if you had $60 million?

“You’re right, I did lose a million dollars last year. I expect to lose a million dollars this year. I expect to lose a million dollars next year. You know, Mr. Thatcher, at the rate of a million dollars a year, I’ll have to close this place in… 60 years.”So, I’ll ask again. What if, per chance, you happened to win the Mega Million? (Cash option is a cool $60.7 mil as of the time of this post!) Would you bleed away your winnings on a dream? Honorable public service? Or would you buy a house in Dubai? Continue reading

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It’s a blog eat blog world

In our last post about Gawker, this question was posed: “How much do these bloggers make anyway?”

Answer: we’re not quite sure yet! But this guy knows how much the average journalist who works as a professional blogger makes!
Do you know who I am!? No? Oh, okay…

Is it:
a) $20 k
b) $45 k
c) $90k – 120k

Find out how much (and who this guy actually is) after the jump! Continue reading

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