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FJOTD: Edward R. Murrow of Good Night, Good Luck

Smoking, what every growing journalist needs!

Wow, we’re heading into new territory. Exciting, no? This is our first Fictional Journalist of the Day that is based on an actual journalist! There will be more to come. Also, if we have to tell you who this is and who it’s supposed to be, you should be ashamed of yourself.

We’ll tell you anyway, after the jump of course. Now for the links!

– This has to be a joke. There’s no way this is their official blog. Are you kidding me? (America Airlines on friggin blogspot)

– More bloggers on blogger burnout. At what point do we start comparing bloggers to addicted gamers? (Boston Herald)

– Douchie financial “humor” blogger takes a stab at snarking journalists/Washington Post. Comments indicate results were less than desirable. Aside: what the hell happened to Dealbreaker? Did they jump the shark while we weren’t paying attention? (Dealbreaker)

– This was supposed to go on yesterday’s job posts, but here you go. Ever wanted to intern for free, from your own home? The Big Lead, a five-tool sports blog, may have something for you. (The Big Lead)

– Schadenfreude! Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is having trouble finding a job. We sure didn’t see that coming. It would probably help if he could actually recall what he did at his last gig. (NY Times)

– Hopefully, we’ll be getting to these soon. (Britannica Blog) Continue reading


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When less is more: Why sometimes it’s best to just stick to what you know

Your guide to the perfect life

Here’s a perfect example of why not everyone needs a public forum. We were actually going to just put this in the FJOTD, but we decided this needed some extra space. So yesterday on AOL’s TVSquad, blogger Jay Black had an interesting idea on why the media should shut up about the struggling U.S. economy already.

His reasoning? Ignorance is bliss. To simplify, if you want to avoid a recession, all you have to do is just not talk about it. Continue reading

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Perez Hilton and John Mayer… really?

So supposedly, Perez Hilton and John Meyer hooked up! Is this some mean day after April Fools day joke?

Do I even need ethics?

Said Perez:

FYI: Mayer’s rep did NOT deny this. Cuz it’s true.
P.S. John’s a really good kisser!

Continue reading

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FJOTD: Miranda Vera Cruz de la Jolla Cardinal!

This is….you know who this is.

Continuing with our streak of random and obscure Fictional Journalist of the Day, we present to you Ms. Miranda Vera Cruz de la Jolla Cardinal! More on her later.

We apologize for the lateness of today’s FJOTD, but we’ve been a bit swamped lately with… well you don’t want to hear it and we won’t bore you with it. So onto the links!

– This is fitting for tonight’s big game. Hopefully it’ll get you in the mood as graduates earning an average salary of $67k root against those earning $59.1k. UNC ($75.1K) and UCLA ($86.6) can take solace in their larger average salary after choking in the Final Four. (PayScale)

– Hm… I didn’t know being a journalist could get you underaged tail. “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older, they stay the same age.” Yay, Wooderson. Boo McConaughey. (North Jersey via The Big Lead)

– Want extra cheddar on the side? Take up a hobby that actually pays. Why isn’t blogging on that list? Oh, wait… (AOL)

– You mean it doesn’t pay, and can get you fired? (Yahoo! Finance)

– So does this mean Katie Couric is getting used to coming in last place? (Washington Post via Romenesko)

– Sounds like something out of a horror/murder mystery flick. Bloggers are being taken out like flies! The main suspect? An inactive lifestyle. Behind it all, it’s just another profile on what blogging is. You already know how we feel about that. (NY Times) Continue reading

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FJOTD: Henry Hackett!

Guess bleepin’ what?! He doesn’t live in the bleepin’ world! He lives in bleepin’ New York City!

Morning, everybody! This is our first post since this. We’d like to thank everyone again for being our friends, and checking out our site. We’d especially like to thank those of you that took the time to comment on this here blog. In any case, today’s Fictional Journalist of the Day is… Henry Hackett! For those of you who haven’t seen The Paper, we highly recommend it. Hackett is the poster boy of a journalist fighting the good fight, and making the tough choices that we’d all wish we could make in this dramedy filled with life lessons. More on Hackett after the jump.

But first, here are today’s links!

– Maverick billionaire who owns the Mavericks opens up locker rooms to bloggers after all, after NBA Commissioner David Stern gets stern. In fact, he opens it up to all bloggers. Petty? (Dallas News)

– Major U.S. newspapers have lost more than 10 percent of copies in daily circulation, according to a recent findings. Also, newspaper companies are losing a lot of money. (Editor & Publisher)

– A survey of your peers and possible role models on what they think about the industry and its future. (The Editors Weblog)

– Advice for J-school grads! Funny story, the only advice we ever got about J-school was that it was a waste of time. The verdict’s still out though. Do you agree? Comments! (College Media Innovation)

-HAHAHAHA! This site is awesome! ( AngryJournalist)

– Are you a new media douchebag? Yay! (Cinnamon Pants via Dave Fleet) Continue reading

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What in blog’s name is a blog?

I want to blog you so bad right now!

Around these here parts, we kind of feel that talking about blogs as the new “cool, hip (yes, hip!)” thing and reading “what exactly is a blog?”-type articles (cringe) are a bit passe. The misnomer that bloggers are only tech savvy hipsters who talk like Juno or fat guys who live in their mom’s basements have been dispelled, no?

By no means are we trying to be elitists here, and you are definitely welcomed to disagree with us (comments), but it’s just that we feel they’ve been around long enough that it’s safe to assume the casual reader has a basic understanding of what exactly is a blog. Just because you don’t know how something works, doesn’t mean you don’t know what it is. Continue reading

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Mark Cuban to the New York Times: You and everyone else

Um…and this picture was made public? No way! Swear to blog?Someone needs to come up with a new medium so that Newspapers can get more readers and make more money! Quick!No seriously, they do! Mark Cuban said so.Mr. Cuban wrote a lengthy blog on said topic and a few other things. We took the liberty of translating a few paragraphs on his attitudes towards newspapers and blogs.More after the jump! Continue reading

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