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FJOTD: Maya Gallo

Hello friends!

I apologize about the lateness of todays yesterday’s Fictional Journalist of the Day. Due to circumstances beyond my control (also known as work laziness and general procrastination) I wasn’t able to provide you with our FJOTD at the appropriate time. We cool? Ok great. (Insert hip handshake here.)

So today’s FJOTD is from the now defunct (but fully syndicated) Just Shoot Me. Who is it, you ask? This person is a a magazine writer with a lot of sass and a whole lot of ideas in their head. They’re also an avid supporter of the non-objectification of women and has a heightened interest in world issues. No, not David Spade! He was just an assistant. Today we are honoring Ms. Maya Gallo.

You go girl!

More on Maya later! First, the links:

– How Twitter can get you out of jail, kind of. (Mercury News)

– Ever wonder where top news editors think the future of journalism is heading? Here is your chance to find out. (Editors Weblog)

– Pirate Bay Blogging: Pure. Unadulterated, uncensored content. (Torrent Freak)

This takes cross posting to a new level. (PC World)

Greenwashing in journalism: The BBC and the publisher of Nashville Interiors have something in common: They’re both putting out eco-friendly products for consumption. Will this green twist resonate with readers? Only time will tell! One is an online magazine from the BBC that focuses on “eco-fabulous” clothing. As for that women’s magazine… it’s coming out in August. Let’s hope they’re printing it on recycled paper! (BBCBiz Journals)

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FJOTD: Two for One Special!

We don’t know what to write here.

We’d like to apologize for going MIA yesterday. We’re just going to blame it on technical difficulties and move on from it. To make it up to you, we’re giving you not one, not one and a half, but TWO Fictional Journalists of the Day! Today!

For this selection, we have chosen Andy Sachs and Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada. Now, you could argue that they’re not really journalists, and the aptly named Sachs (inappropriate!) was just a typical pretentious college grad at best.

We’ll have more after after the jump. But first, the links:

– You might get put off by the headline, but they make a good point about comments. Newspapers are adding comment sections for their online articles, but then subsequently disregarding them. The point of the comment section is to drive discussion and provide readers with a forum to be heard. Otherwise, what’s the point? Leave us one, we’ll talk to you. (Online Journalism Review)

– Hm, remember how we had the post about the UK teenage tycoons? Here’s America’s answer! America! F**K YEAH! (Forbes)

– Money lessons for the couch potato. Bloggers, pay attention. (AOL Money & Finance)

– More perks of the job! Our favorite? Smug Reporter vs. the Roided Revenger. (Gawker)

– And the Webby goes to… (Webby Awards)

– Here’s a piece on men’s mag publisher Felix Dennis. We used to be BIG fans of Maxim back in the day. We stopped reading it when we realized we were paying to read ads disguised as content. (Times Online)

– The good news about the newspaper bloodletting? Fresh eyes, of course. Will this be looked back on as the Great Journalistic Purge of the 2000s? (Slate)

– Interesting idea, and a lot of great reads. We’ll be keeping tabs on this. (Britannica Blog) Continue reading

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FJOTD: Borat Sagdiyev!

Though a respected journalist in his native country, Borat was no stranger to occasionally handing crap in on deadline.

Jak sie masz? His name-a Borat. He like you. He like sex. Is nice! Wawawee…OK, wait! I’m sorry, come back! I’ll stop now. So, as you can tell by my impeccable impersonation (and that of a million drunk undergrads for the past two years), today’s Fictional Journalist of the Day is none other than international relations expert hailing from Kazakhstan, Mr. Borat Saga…Sadgee…BORAT! HURRAY!

We know what you’re thinking. Why did we choose another played out Halloween costume for the FJOTD? Well, dear readers, for the simple purpose of filling our archives. We figured if we can get these characters our of the way, we can open up the path to more um… rewarding characters like always bright and shiny April O’Neil, or someone like a Kent Brockman. (No links yet! They have to wait their turn!)

In any case, Borat is not without his merits. If you ever wanted to talk about a journalist putting it all on the line for something he was passionate about, look no further than this documentary that basically made him a household name.

But before the accolades, here’s a nice investigation piece on America’s gun control policies.

Now… onto the links:

Who loves lists? Bloggers do. What do bloggers love more than lists? A lists about bloggers. Here’s the 25 most valuable blogs according to 24/7 Wall St. Guess who tops the list. (24/7 Wall St.)

And as a bonus (no one loves bonuses more than Wall Street), here’s one blog’s take. (Professional Blogging News)

A good point on monetizing social media and Web 2.0 applications, which kind of supports the argument that all these corporate big wigs talking about adoping “the Web 2.0” maybe don’t really understand what it’s about. (Make the Logo Bigger) Continue reading

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