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Openings of the week

LET MY PEOP… wait, did you say 401k match?

Welcome job seekers! 

This is the Openings of the Week post! For those who are visiting us for the first time, this is where we scour the Web for the most interesting jobs to bring to you. Today, I’ve got some really fun gigs, including ones having to do with fantasy sports and game console reviewing. Talk about a sweet job. Can you imagine?

“So, what do you do for a living?

“Oh, I play the Wii. And then I get to write about it!”

…Yeah, pretty cool. Pretty cool indeed.

Happy Job hunting!

LOS ANGELES: The Associated Press- Night Supervisor

DENVER: Rocky Mountain News- Online Opinion Editor

SAN FRANCISCO- CNET- Console Previews

CHICAGO: WGN-TV- Interactive News Producer

NEW YORK: Dow Jones & Company- Reporting/Editorial Assistant

MIAMI: CBS Interactive- Writer, Fantasy Content


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Openings of the week

We here at Earnalism not only want to inform you on the latest and most interesting happenings in news, but as tough as the industry environment has been in the last few years, we want to make sure you’re still working in this field. That way, you’ll be more interested in coming back! Totally self-serving? Well, not totally. Let’s just say it’s mutually beneficial.Tired of playing your guitar for tips? You've come to the right place.You see? No other blog takes care of their readers like this do they? You don’t have to answer, we understand. With that, we look to bring you each week the career listings and job openings that we find most intriguing on the market. If you have any job tips at all, please send them to ruckmaker@earnalism.com or tinmaker@earnalism.com.Now here are the job ads of the week that we think would interest you, our readers! Continue reading

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