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The (Selective) Information Age

Remember how cool it was when Google first came out with its customizable home page?

Choose wisely!

Google users were given the opportunity to dote over their home on the web — no, not their MySpace, their homepage. It was really cool how you could pick out things like “word of the day,” a fun flower pot that you could water, and the real draw… niche news feeds! But really, who would’ve thought that the “convenience” of picking news might be what is leading the minds of young people to the ground? Continue reading


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How to lose a newspaper in 10 ways

She’s no journalist. How do I know? Because she’s smiling.

Is your local print publication going the way of the buffalo? Fear not, semi-loyal readers, for Ted Leonsis has devised a 10-point plan to help rescue your favorite paper. How’s he going to do it? Well Ted, care to enlighten us?

1. Get out of the newspaper business. Culturally, you can’t look and define your business as the delivery mechanism. The business is truly content and distribution across all pipes. The asset is journalists and the brand. A print-based property is just one of the many ways to distribute the digital bits.

That’s deep. To save your paper…you need to let it go. If it comes back to you then it was meant to be. If not…then well at least you hedged your bets with other mediums. It’s a fair point. The empahsis should be on publication, and not print. I’d go so far to say that the paper will eventually be supplementary material to the publication’s Web content. Eventually, of course. Continue reading

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