FJOTD: Maya Gallo

Hello friends!

I apologize about the lateness of todays yesterday’s Fictional Journalist of the Day. Due to circumstances beyond my control (also known as work laziness and general procrastination) I wasn’t able to provide you with our FJOTD at the appropriate time. We cool? Ok great. (Insert hip handshake here.)

So today’s FJOTD is from the now defunct (but fully syndicated) Just Shoot Me. Who is it, you ask? This person is a a magazine writer with a lot of sass and a whole lot of ideas in their head. They’re also an avid supporter of the non-objectification of women and has a heightened interest in world issues. No, not David Spade! He was just an assistant. Today we are honoring Ms. Maya Gallo.

You go girl!

More on Maya later! First, the links:

– How Twitter can get you out of jail, kind of. (Mercury News)

– Ever wonder where top news editors think the future of journalism is heading? Here is your chance to find out. (Editors Weblog)

– Pirate Bay Blogging: Pure. Unadulterated, uncensored content. (Torrent Freak)

This takes cross posting to a new level. (PC World)

Greenwashing in journalism: The BBC and the publisher of Nashville Interiors have something in common: They’re both putting out eco-friendly products for consumption. Will this green twist resonate with readers? Only time will tell! One is an online magazine from the BBC that focuses on “eco-fabulous” clothing. As for that women’s magazine… it’s coming out in August. Let’s hope they’re printing it on recycled paper! (BBCBiz Journals)

Whew that was a lot of surfing!

So back to Ms. Gallo. Maya wrote for the sassy Fashion-lifestyle magazine Blush (think Allure or Glamour). Kinda odd, seeing as how she was a feminist and all. During the pilot episode, Maya took a job with the magazine because she was fired from her original job and didn’t have anything else lined up. That, and well, her father was the owner. Nepotism! Gotta love it.

So why does Maya deserve to be our FJOTD? We’ll tell you why. Despite the fact that this faux-Stanford graduate worked a womens magazine owned by her father- she never lost sight of her ideals and always stood her ground. The best example of this was when she won a Femmy (The show’s answer to magazine awards) for a story she thought did not seem to have enough seriousness to it (it was about cleavage on the New York Subway) so she declined the award in her speech.

Three words: You go girl!


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