FJOTD: Edward R. Murrow of Good Night, Good Luck

Smoking, what every growing journalist needs!

Wow, we’re heading into new territory. Exciting, no? This is our first Fictional Journalist of the Day that is based on an actual journalist! There will be more to come. Also, if we have to tell you who this is and who it’s supposed to be, you should be ashamed of yourself.

We’ll tell you anyway, after the jump of course. Now for the links!

– This has to be a joke. There’s no way this is their official blog. Are you kidding me? (America Airlines on friggin blogspot)

– More bloggers on blogger burnout. At what point do we start comparing bloggers to addicted gamers? (Boston Herald)

– Douchie financial “humor” blogger takes a stab at snarking journalists/Washington Post. Comments indicate results were less than desirable. Aside: what the hell happened to Dealbreaker? Did they jump the shark while we weren’t paying attention? (Dealbreaker)

– This was supposed to go on yesterday’s job posts, but here you go. Ever wanted to intern for free, from your own home? The Big Lead, a five-tool sports blog, may have something for you. (The Big Lead)

– Schadenfreude! Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez is having trouble finding a job. We sure didn’t see that coming. It would probably help if he could actually recall what he did at his last gig. (NY Times)

– Hopefully, we’ll be getting to these soon. (Britannica Blog)

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to David Strathairn’s portrayal of Edward R. Murrow in Good Night, Good Luck.

It was no small task undertaking the role of the embodiment of all that is pure and right with journalism, but Strathairn did a fair job.

To be frank — and we understand this is perhaps blasphemous to some of you — but we felt the movie was a bit overrated. It relied to heavily on stock footage and pre-written scripts from old Murrow broadcasts.

In addition, the Murrow in this movie was stuck on one gear, almost robotic in his determination to take down McCarthy. Then again, perhaps that stone cold resolve was exactly what was needed to accomplish such a goal. We just feel it would’ve been nice to see Murrow with his guard down a few times, but five packs of lung darts a day will do that to a man.

In any case, Strathairn’s Murrow, though seemingly somewhat one-dimensional to us, still carried himself with such an air of bravado and purpose, that it makes one proud to follow in his legacy.

That’s why he’s our FJOTD for today. Good night, and good luck. Retraction: the day just started, so um… Good Morning!



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