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Life just ain’t fair

Greedy rich fat cats got you down? If not, here’s a couple reasons why you should be mad.

And here’s why you should be mad at those greedy idiots who didn’t know what they were doing in the first place!

It just ain’t fair I tells ya. It ain’t fair.

Aside: The FJOTD should be on the way some time later today, we hope. We appreciate your patience. In the mean time, do something to fight the greed! They’re taking money right out of your wallets!


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FJOTD: Two for One Special!

We don’t know what to write here.

We’d like to apologize for going MIA yesterday. We’re just going to blame it on technical difficulties and move on from it. To make it up to you, we’re giving you not one, not one and a half, but TWO Fictional Journalists of the Day! Today!

For this selection, we have chosen Andy Sachs and Miranda Priestly of The Devil Wears Prada. Now, you could argue that they’re not really journalists, and the aptly named Sachs (inappropriate!) was just a typical pretentious college grad at best.

We’ll have more after after the jump. But first, the links:

– You might get put off by the headline, but they make a good point about comments. Newspapers are adding comment sections for their online articles, but then subsequently disregarding them. The point of the comment section is to drive discussion and provide readers with a forum to be heard. Otherwise, what’s the point? Leave us one, we’ll talk to you. (Online Journalism Review)

– Hm, remember how we had the post about the UK teenage tycoons? Here’s America’s answer! America! F**K YEAH! (Forbes)

– Money lessons for the couch potato. Bloggers, pay attention. (AOL Money & Finance)

– More perks of the job! Our favorite? Smug Reporter vs. the Roided Revenger. (Gawker)

– And the Webby goes to… (Webby Awards)

– Here’s a piece on men’s mag publisher Felix Dennis. We used to be BIG fans of Maxim back in the day. We stopped reading it when we realized we were paying to read ads disguised as content. (Times Online)

– The good news about the newspaper bloodletting? Fresh eyes, of course. Will this be looked back on as the Great Journalistic Purge of the 2000s? (Slate)

– Interesting idea, and a lot of great reads. We’ll be keeping tabs on this. (Britannica Blog) Continue reading

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$15 versus 15 years

I'm cheap!

Fifteen dollars can buy you a lot of things — 30 tacos at Jack in the Box, three footlong sandwiches at Subway, or if you’re feeling really glam, a three course meal at Denny’s, tip included! $15 can also buy you this: (Media Bistro- How To Start a Blog) Continue reading

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The Brit-ish are coming! The Brit-ish are coming!

He has more disposable income than you have disposable diapers. Chummmmp.

Aylo, aylo! Cherio ol’ chap! Why are we typing like this? Why to mimick the new generation of “teenage tycoons” and “teen-preneurs” (lame) of course!

From Scotland’s national newspaper, The Scotsman (go figure):

A NEW breed of “teenage tycoons” are taking the nation by storm with almost 21,000 children of 15 or 16 earning more than £60,00 online each year.

The figure revealed today in a survey is nearly three times the average UK salary. According to the research, 15 per cent of teenagers are earning £23 an hour – six times the UK minimum wage.
The Virgin Media group surveyed 700 youngsters between the ages of 13 and 18 and found 43 per cent have made money on the internet in the past 12 months. Just over one in five of these “teen-preneurs” has gone as far as setting up an online businesses from their bedroom while in full-time education.

The Internet, eh? If you factor in the currency conversion rate, that means they’re making … um…hm…let’s see … carry the one … and … A LOT OF MONEY!

Meanwhile, would you like to see what America’s youth is up to? Here you go, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Aside: I actually was thinking about using a picture of one of these movies, but the story isn’t about smart kids so much is it about kids makin’ bread.
Continue reading

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